Shaarei Mizrah



As it opens its doors, Congregation Shaarei Mizrah, will be impacting the communal and spiritual lives of the Jewish community of the Emirates. Under the leadership of Senior Rabbi Dr. Elie Abadie, the Synagogue will be hosting cultural, social, and religious events which will contribute to the growth of an active and vibrant Jewish community. Amongst its many exciting programs the Synagogue will have a Bet Midrash Study Program, a Young Adult Group, Singles Shabbat Events, a Women’s Auxiliary Branch, a Bikkur Holim/Hesed Committee, as well as a variety of informative events and activities which will help unite its congregants into a vibrant and thriving Jewish Community. 

Congregation Shaarei Mizrah is well located in Dubai. It is situated near many of Dubai finest hotels and will be able to hosts guests from around the world. The congregation is comprised of many families from a medley of many countries from around the world. The Synagogue is prepared to welcome all those interested in spending a Shabbat in Dubai among this first, newest and growing Jewish congregation in the Emirates.

Congregation Shaarei Mizrah will be making a difference in the lives of its congregants and is committed to continue on a path of growth and expansion.

Our Leadership

Senior Rabbi Elie Abadie

Rabbi Elie Abadie, M.D. joined the Jewish Council of the Emirates (JCE) in 2020 as its senior and resident rabbi. As the Jewish community in the United Arab Emirates

Hazzan & Co-President Alex Peterfreund

Alex Peterfreund grew up in Antwerp, Belgium and was inspired by Hazzanut from a young age. He was the main solist in the Romi Goldmuntz Synagogue choir for nearly…

Thierry Braha

Thierry Braha grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, since his first age and at each step of his life  actively participate to local jewish life. He has been member of the board …

Our History

Jewish people have been coming to the UAE for decades, from all different parts of the globe. In 2008 in Dubai, a few families began to meet to celebrate Shabbat and other holidays — forming the first new Jewish community in the Arabian Peninsula in over a century. And from there, we grew.

In its early years, the community met in a private home in the Umm Suqeim neighborhood. In 2018, the community created a constitution under the name of JCE – the Jewish Council of the Emirates, dedicated to supporting multiple expressions of Jewish life.
In early 2019, the community’s existence became public with the release of the landmark book “Celebrating Tolerance: Religious Diversity in the United Arab Emirates,” published by the UAE’s Ministry of Tolerance. The book kicked off the UAE’s Year of Tolerance, and the government’s efforts to promote tolerance and coexistence continue today and into the future. We are proud to have our story featured as a chapter in this historic book.

On February 9, 2021, the community gained official recognition by the Community Development Authority of Dubai, granting permission for us to meet as a congregation, under the new name Shaarei Mizrah – The Gates of the East. Our community now functions as an umbrella organization supporting religious services for all Jewish congregations in the Emirate of Dubai. We look forward to having you join us.